Sunday, June 28, 2015

Face Masks from The Face Shop

So, usually I don’t do much to take care of my skin.  I wash and moisturize and that’s about it.  Every few weeks I’ll use a scrub on my face to get rid of the dead skin but other than that there isn’t much to my daily routine.  Recently, though, I’ve been wanting to try a Korean face mask to see how they are.  This has been brought on by watching Eat Your Kimchi’s Martina and her Korean beauty product reviews.  Therefore, I went out to The Face Shop, bought a few face masks, and will now try them and write a review on how they work on my skin and how the different mask types feel. (As a note, I tried all of them on different days so the reviews may seem a bit different in style though I tried to make the about the same.)

What Masks Did I Get?

I bought three masks: The Real Nature Green Tea face mask which is supposed to energize dry skin. The Real Nature Blueberry face mask which has softening properties for younger looking skin. The Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Vita E Cranberry Extract mask which only has an explanation in French and says that it helps the skin regain health and resistance.  I also got an Aloe Real Nature mask with my Summer Emergency Kit.  I will try that one with the other Summer Emergency products.

Mask Review

Real Nature Green Tea face mask:
Yesterday I went out and did the full make-up thing so today, when I woke up, my face felt a bit off.  To combat that effect I’m going to use the first of my three masks and see how it is.  First off the package that it comes in is really cute.  That’s a thing that definitely influences my buying choices.  It’s really easy to open and the mask comes out with no problems.  It took me a bit to figure out how to unfold it but I finally managed to do it.  It looks pretty big but it fits my face just fine.  I’m certain that it’ll fit most faces with no problems at all.  So now I sit and wait for ten to twelve minutes.  I’m going to read Cracked for now then.

My twelve minutes are up and now according to the instructions I need to tap my face gently until all the serum is absorbed by my skin.  There was a lot of serum, it felt very nice.  My face has absorbed all of it and is now a bit sticky, I’m waiting for that to go away.  In the end my face looks all dewy and fresh and somehow more alert than it did before so, so far so good. 

Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Vita E Cranberry Extract:
I’ve been feeling very tired recently so I figured I’d have a mini-spa afternoon so I did a mask for my hair and topped it off with one of my face masks.  As always, the packaging is really cute.  It’s a bit bigger than the Real Nature line of masks and comes in a glossier pack.  This mask came surrounded on both sides by a protective film which made taking it out of the pack a bit tricky, my fingers kept slipping on the film, but I managed it.  The actual mask is very different from the Real Nature masks, it feels like it’s made up of gel held together by a woven base.  The face serum stuff is coated on the gel mask.  It also came in two halves, one for the top of my face and the other for the bottom, unlike the Real Nature mask which was one sheet for the full face.  It smelled delicious, just a tad like a facial studio with hints of cranberry coming through.  Stayed on very well and I decided to relax for the 20 minutes that I am supposed to have it on.  Honestly, it was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

My alarm woke me up and I just took the mask off and threw it out.  The instructions didn’t say to tap my face to help the liquid absorb so I didn’t bother especially since the liquid absorbed into my skin really well.  My face felt very happy after the mask and very smooth and still does.  I honestly can’t say which mask I prefer.

Real Nature Blueberry face mask:
It’s a makeup day again and I don’t like my skin getting too dry so I’ve put on the last of my masks.  The package was a light lavender which is associated with blueberries, though I will admit I’ve always thought of them as a dark blue, probably cause I always think of wild blueberries.  Right away I could tell the difference between this mask and the Green Tea mask as the serum on this one is drippier.  The mask sheet also seems smaller, somehow, though that may be my own brain playing tricks on me.  It isn’t a problem for my face, since I’m on the smaller side, but if you have a bigger mouth and big eyes be prepared for the mask to settle over top of them a bit.  The Hydro Gel mask definitely was bigger. Well, I’m masked up and now it’s time to relax for a bit.  Today my soundtrack is a very old episode of Have I Got News For You.

Time to take the mask off and as with the Green Tea mask I needed to pat the remaining serum dry.  Even after a few minutes I can feel the serum on my face but as before I can see a difference in my skin.  It looks happier and very well moisturized.


For all the masks I saw the result at its best the next day when I woke up with my face feeling smooth and soft and still very moisturized.  Overall I think I prefer the Gel Mask because it absorbed into my skin very quickly and didn’t leave that slightly sticky feeling on my face.  It’s not very unpleasant but I feel like my skin just isn’t absorbing all the serum from the Real Nature masks because they are absolutely soaked in it.  I will definitely buy the masks again, both the Gel line and the Real Nature line, though I will probably try the other masks in the Real Nature line and see how my face absorbs them.

Have any of you tried these masks or some like them?  What are your thoughts, tell me in the comments below. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fruits and Passion Dual Action Nasal Strips

Because of a free shipping deal I got a bunch of face masks from Fruits and Passion, a Canadian face and body product shop.  I like most of their stuff and have now decided to try their face masks.  Today, while waiting for my hair serum to seep into my scalp, I decided to try the Dual Action Nasal Strips which are supposed to get rid of blackheads on your nose.  I comes in a very cute package with directions on the back.  It says it needs a q-tip to gently remove the blackheads but did not provide one, unlike a Korean equivalent shown on Eat Your Kimchi but thankfully I had one in my bathroom.  I think that North American companies assume that we all have q-tips of some type at home which, to be fair, we do. 

Step 1 of the nasal strips is a cotton strip soaked in a solution.  It smells somewhat medicinal, but not in a bad way.  Mostly is smells clean.  It’s easy to put on and stays on very well.  I need to keep this on for ten to fifteen minutes.  While doing this I’m watching Have I Got News For You so these are a very pleasant fifteen minutes that I’m spending.  As the minutes so on my nose feels cold and a bit as if I have menthol on my face.  Not painful, but a bit odd.

After step one is done I’m supposed to use the q-tip to gently remove the blackheads.  Now, I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t really have very bad blackheads or if it’s because they are so deep down but it took a bit more than gentle force to remove the blackheads, I had to really push them out.  I will admit that a lot of stuff came out, especially in the difficult area around the tip of the nose.  After getting out as much as will come out (and it really was a lot), it’s time to put on the second, pore closing, nasal strip.

Step 2 of the nasal strip is a cotton pad with a gel like substance on one side.  It actually had a piece of protective paper over the gel bit which you need to take off to put the strip on your nose.  It’s pretty sticky and sits really well covering the whole of my nose.  I’m barely noticing it.  When taking it off none of the gel remains on the face and my pores are indeed a lot smaller than after Step 1 and it looks a lot cleaner.  It’s still a bit red from pushing the blackheads out but it doesn’t hurt and feels very nice.

Overall I liked the Dual Action Nasal Strips.  I don’t need to use them very often but I think I’ll be buying them again, every few months.  You can buy a single package for $2.50 on the Fruits and Passion website.