Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bebe Lip Mask

This time I decided to try a lip mask.  My lips tend to dry out quickly and also are very sensitive to outside influence, for example lipstick.  So, my idea was to see if a lip mask would help hydrate my lips and get me away from constantly using lip balm.

The packaging for the lip mask was SO cute, way cuter than that on the Real Nature masks.  It does seem to be the most childish looking thing in The Face Shop’s line but honestly, how could I resist that face?

The mask itself came in a plastic holder and was made of the same gelatinous material as the Gel face mask.  It was really easy to put on and stayed on with no problems.  Same as before, the gel mask seems to absorb better into the skin or perhaps it may not hold as much serum as the cotton masks and so ends up being absorbed into my skin in the proper amount of time.

I’m not yet sure how effective the mask will be in the long run but so far, my lips feel nicely moisturized and don’t seem to be getting any kind of rash. 

Next day update:  My lips feel fine, pretty normal. I didn't need to put lip balm on them overnight and they didn't go dry.  My overall impression of the mask is positive but I don;t think I'll be using it regularly.  My lips just aren't bad enough to warrant spending $2 on a mask every week.  I'll probably use it every few months in the winter just to give my lips an extra boost.

The Lovely ME:EX lip care cream is more my style.  I just like the idea of something covering my lips to protect them.  It also smells fantastic

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