Monday, August 10, 2015

Nandemobox Kawaii August Review

I was so excited to open my mail box and see a delivery slip for a package, I knew that it was my Nandemo Box than had finally arrived.

What is a Nandemo box? Nandemo means anything or everything in Japanese and in this case is the name of a subscription service that offers two distinct boxes straight from Japan.  These are the Snack Box and the Kawaii (Cute) Box.  The company also runs an online store where you can buy a multitude of cute things made by the SAN-X company.  

The monthly Kawaii box contains 6 - 8 cute things ranging from accessories to stationary to plushies.  Sometimes they will add a snack as a bonus item.  The box ships on the 20th of the previous month and arrives by the middle of the subscription month.  You need to subscribe before the 15th to receive the NEXT month's box.  If you subscribe after the 15th your first box will come in two months.  

There are four subscription options: a recurring monthly subscription, and non recurring subscriptions of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.  The price per month is $35 USD and shipping is free.  The 6 and 12 month subscriptions are a little bit cheaper per month than the 1 or 3 month subscriptions.  You can cancel any time on the website by logging in to your account and clicking unsubscribe in your settings.  

If you would like to subscribe to the Nandemo Kawaii box here is the link:

I am a giant fan of cute things so after I found out that there are such things as subscription boxes full of cute stuff I started looking for one that would suit me.  Nandemo stood out because of its value and the lack of a shipping fee. I also liked that they had a nice variety of products and that they weren't all Rilakkuma.  I ended up signing up at the end of June which qualified me for the August box so I'd been anticipating this box for a really long time and was so excited to open it and it finally came!  It DID NOT disappoint, I was in a continuous state of aww the whole time.

Let's start with the box itself.  It was absolutely beautifully packaged and the description card had my name hand-written on it.  It's a small gesture but sweet.

The first thing that caught my attention was the Gaji Gaji Purple Zombbit Plushie.
I love zombie plushies of any kind, there is something inherently cute about them, especially when they are small. This one gets the distinction of a place on my desk.  

Next is the featured item.  In this case it is the Zombbit Pouch. 
This is a very well made pouch which looks to be water resistant. The inside has one large compartment plus a small pocket on one side.  It's 5 1/2" by 4" and it keeps its shape very well.  It looks to be perfect for holding feminine hygiene products during travel or when going out.  It would also be perfect for holding your liquids when flying or for carrying some snacks while at a convention or on a trip.

The item that I put to use right away is the Sumikko Gurashi Cup.
This is a small hard plastic cup that I'm using to store toothbrushes.  It's the perfect height to put in the bathroom cabinet.  It would also be very nice to have as a bedside cup as it looks and feels very sturdy and would probably survive quite a few knocks from people trying to find the snooze button in the morning. 

The second Sumikko Gurashi item is pack of Flake Stickers. 
I love stickers.  The description card says that they can add cuteness to any letter or envelope but psh, as if I'd share such cuteness with others.  These will go onto my notebooks and accessories.  I'll probably even try to put one on my work pass.

Next we have three Rilakkuma Panda Series items.  The first is a set of small lined memo pads which are in a cute box holder.  The holder also has a stand for a pen inside it which makes it extra useful. (It is now standing on my desk waiting to be used, very convenient.)
The second is a small notepad which is perfect for carrying with you in your purse.
The last item in the box was a pen.  It goes very well with the memo pads and small notebook.  It's fine tipped and writes very nicely without any air bubbles in the ink.

I really had no idea what exactly to expect in my Kawaii box so all the items were a surprise!  I especially love the Zombbit plushie and pouch, something about cute zombies gets me every time.  I don't know if I will keep the subscription for a very long time, there is a certain point where you reach a critical mass of cute things in your home, but I will for sure stay with it for a few months at least.  I'm already very excited for the September box.  If you like what you see here go check out the Nandemobox website:

*The Nandemobox was purchased by me and all views expressed here are my own.  

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