Thursday, September 3, 2015

Beauteque Head to Toe Aloe Bag

I got this bag over a month ago, time does fly. Luckily this means that I've gotten to try most of the products in it so I can tell you my thoughts on then. The Bag itself came in a simple linen drawstring pouch which went well with the aloe theme and will be used as a shoe bag in my travels. It's perfect to fit a pair of flats or pumps.  There were seven products in this bag and they were all skin care products. They were also quite large which is nice as they should last me the rest of summer.

My favourite item goes first. It's the Welcos Aloe Vera Soothing Gell.

I am loving the heck out of this gel. It's a pretty big (125ml) container. Slightly tinted green (cause aloe, duh) and perfectly size for my tiny hands. The consistency is a bit thicker than water but the spray still comes out very fine. It takes just a few moments to dry on the skin and doesn't leave any sticky residue. The smell reminds me of cucumbers but all aloe products smell that way. The smell isn't overpowering in the least and dissipates within a few seconds. I'm really happy that it was in the bag as I was looking for a face mist and aloe is just perfect this summer.

Item number two that I've been loving is the Natue Republic Smoothing Aloe Moisture Emultion.

The emultion is quite big as well coming in at 160ml. It comes in a very hard green plastic bottle with a somewhat strange fitting in the neck. The Emultion is actually really hard to get out of the bottle but I've gone around that by placing a pump into the neck. For now it sits in the funny little fitting but when I've used the contents more ill take the fitting out and screw the pump into the neck. It seems that there are standard pump sizes used around the world since the pump fits my British body cream, my Russian shampoo and now my Korean emultion.  The consistency is similar to a runny cream but it's thick enough that it doesn't run through your fingers as you apply it. There isn't much smell to it, which I love, and it absorbes into the face pretty quickly. The description says that it works best when used in tandem with an aloe toner and I have one of those from my BB Bag. I'm glad to have more aloe products for the summer since I spend quite a bit of my time outside either biking or shooting and I always need soothing creams.

Thankfully, for creams I have the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Body Cream.

This is a pretty nice body cream which is 90% aloe extract.  It comes out with a slight greenish tinge and a hint of aloe smell.  The cream glides on very well and absorbs quickly without leaving any kind of residue  This isn't the most interesting of products but it works very well in the summer especially when combined with other aloe products.

Next I have the product I haven't opened yet. The It's Skin Aloe Soothing Gel.

I haven't used this yet because I already have my The Face Shop aloe gel and I'm not going to open a new gel just to try it. This is the smallest product in the bunch (coming in at 75ml) but I don't mind as I can take it on board a plane so it's totally coming with me to San Francisco in October.  With all the sun there this thing will get quite a bit of use.

As always Beauteque has included two sheet masks with their bag and these are both aloe sheet masks. 

I have yet to open the 3W Fresh Aloe Mask Sheet but I've already used the Tosowoong Pure Mask Aloe and been very happy with it. It's got oodles of serum goodness and after it took it off I had just a bit of product left to rub into my neck, chest and upper back (just around my neck. I burn easily so aloe there is needed as well).  I have high hopes for the 3W mask. (Update: I've used the 3W mask and it worked great at soothing my face.  The serum absorbed into my skin really well and didn't leave much on the sheet after I took it off  There was just enough serum to pat a bit onto my neck)

The last product in this bag was a Silicon Massage Pad by a Chinese company called Anna. 

It's very soft but I've used it and I honestly don't see a difference in how clean my skin gets. I've been blessed with pretty small pores so just using cleansers is fine for me.

The Aloe Bag was definitely worth it for me. With fair skin and a love for outdoor sports aloe is my savior in the summer. I even have an aloe cleanser from The Face Shop and an aloe toner from Secret Key to complete the set! As of right now it's still on sale on the Beauteque website so go grab one while you can.  (Beauteque are also doing a promotion where if you subscribe to a 3, 6, or 12 month BB Bag you get the Aloe Bag for free.)

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